Project Overview

“Capacity Development of Employees and Employers via Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)” is aimed to increase the adaptability of employers and employees of SMEs by use via ICT services and tools. Project targets five provinces: Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Gaziantep,and Eskişehir.
• The project is funded under IPA Human Resources Development Component. 15% national co-funding is provided
• The project has duration of 20 months – from December 2015 to August 2017.
• Learning web portal will be developed for employers and employees
• 100 training courses in the area of ICT services will be provided
• Awareness raising events will be organised in targeted provinces
• Promotional events will be organised
• In addition, study visits will organized for Beneficiary, stakeholders and SMEs the best practices about career development in ICT, labour market prospects in ICT-related sectors, online trainings on ICT, etc. applied in EU institutions
• Throughout the Operation implementation, Hackathon and Global Game Jam events will be organised in order to promote human capital investment and to encourage R&D activities among different sectors.

This operation proposes to build up an online learning platform to be free, accessible and user-friendly designed with advanced tools, which will support the adaptability of employees and employers to this new social and economic structures and to increase adaptability of employees and employers by investing more in human capital via ICT services and tools.

• Developing infrastructure for on-line training in ICT related subjects.
• Development of different methods for teaching software and curriculum development according to the different needs and segments of the labour market and creating an online platform, when anyone can follow the interactive training to learn ICT services to increase their capacity (e-business, graphics design, web development, application -“app”- development, etc).

• The main purpose of this project is to increase adaptability of employees and employers by investing more in human capital via ICT services and tools.
• The overall Operation has a service component, which is the subject of this contract, and a supply component, which will be tendered in a separate process. The service component covers activities for increasing their ICT-related skills and abilities. For this purpose, a method for learning software programming will be developed on the basis of the needs of employers and employees. Free and widely-open online courses (MOOC) will be developed within the context of an online platform.
• The employees and employers in SMEs will be provided with trainings through this on-line courses and software for increasing their job competencies.
• Conferences, meetings and workshops will be organized for publicizing the outcomes of the Operation and getting feedback from the stakeholders to improve the content of the online platform and to strengthen the prospects for the sustainability of the Operation.

• For the purpose of building a useful network via companies from different sectors, protocol agreements will be signed with some selected stakeholders. With the help of these protocols, the project will have sustainable relations with the stakeholders.
• Employers will be encouraged to participate in the trainings to develop their managerial and vocational skills for their business environment.
• It is expected to have 400 employers from at least 100 enterprises participated in on-line trainings.
• Employers will be informed about reaching funding opportunities and grants for their R&D projects, investments and human capital trainings on EU, TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB funds etc. on web page.
• It is expected to have at least 1700 – 2550 trainees from at least 400 different enterprises participated in on-line trainings.

Consortium Implementing Tteam