Bilgeİş Hackathon Ended!

12 September 2017

Within the scope of Bilgeiş Project, “Bilgeİş Hackathon” activity which was carried out at ODTU Culture and Congress Centre between 8th and 9th September 2017, ended.

160 participants from 35 provinces competed for 24 hours under the themes of Digital Marketing, 3 Dimensional Design, Robotics & Wearable Technology, Virtual Reality and Games.

Award winner teams were identified by the evaluation committee consisting of Assistant to Rector of ODTU, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eren Kalay, Ms. Nurcan Özyazıcı Sunay, President of Ankara Branch of Turkish Informatics Association, Prof. Dr. Kürşat Çağıltay from ODTU Computer Education and Instructional Technology Department, Mr. Anıl Çekiç, Microsoft Sales Director and Mr. Nezh Kuleyin, President of TOSYOV (Turkish Foundation for Small and Medium Business (TOSYOV).

Team ODSİMO aiming to establish a system which will ensure easier and faster communication among SME (small and medium sized enterprises) employees through augmented reality power was awarded the first prize with their project named HELPER AR. ODSİMO consisting of Mr. Sercan Değirmenci, Mr. Hamit Burak Emre, Mr. Can Çitoğlu, Mr. Hasan Zafer Elcik worked under the theme of Virtual Reality.

The second prize was awarded to Team KobiTek competing under the theme of digital marketing. KobiTek consisting of Mr. Kemal Özdemir, Mr. Oğuz Gürsün, Mr. İbrahim Kağan Bilge, Ms. Seda Nur Aslan and Ms. Bihter Şentürk and working under the slogan of “common address of SMEs” aimed to establish a single e-platform for KOBis by developing a cloud-based mobile application for SMEs.

The third prize was awarded to Team TOR-NET competing under the theme of robotics. Team TOR-NET consisting of Mr. Ege Çağatay, Mr. Atacan Güler, Mr. Berkay Kullukçu, Mr. Kasım Şen, Ms. İrem Selin Aygan, Ms. Kübra Aksüt won the award with the idea of building a web site that will facilitate shopping under the slogan of “Be relieved through smart and fast shopping”.